Services in German and French law. In English, German or French.

Family Law

We listen to you when you tell us your personal ” story “. This is the only way we can understand your interests and represent them in the best possible way. Our goal is to advise you so well that you can understand the state of the proceedings at any time and thus retain control over your life. We always try, in consultation with you, to find an amicable settlement within the framework of a separation and divorce settlement agreement, as legal proceedings should only be initiated if amicable settlements are not possible or not desired In the event of proceedings, we will fight for your interests.

Some of the services we offer are listed here:

• Divorce (preparation, advice, representation in court proceedings)

• Maintenance (calculation of maintenance claims, advice and preparation for future claims, assertion or defense of maintenance claims; representation in court maintenance proceedings, representation against the Youth Welfare Office, parental maintenance, child maintenance, separation maintenance, post-marital maintenance)

• Property division (advice on sensible solutions in the event of separation, calculation of claims to equalization of gains, joint and several debtor’s compensation, housing advantage and compensation for use, representation in court proceedings, partition auction)

• custody and access rights, mediation

Contract law, sales law

Hardly a day goes by without you signing a contract. Be it at the supermarket checkout or at the hairdresser. As a rule, you do not need the help of a lawyer. And that is a good thing. However, every now and then there are contracts that are of such weight that they mean not inconsiderable financial liabilities and risks for you. In such cases, I will be happy to advise you before the contract is signed or to help you negotiate the details of the contract. Even if the execution of the contract does not go as you hoped and expected, we are at your side to examine and enforce warranty, guarantee and/or damage claims or claims for rescission.

Criminal law

Narcotics, juvenile criminal law, bodily injury offenses, property offenses.

Are you being investigated as a defendant? Have you been summoned by the police or the public prosecutor’s office because of a criminal complaint or have you already received a fine notice, a penalty order or have charges been brought against you? Then contact us immediately.

Premature, disadvantageous statements to the investigating authorities can only be corrected with difficulty later in the proceedings. Competent support/defense is crucial for the outcome of the investigation/proceedings.

We represent you in all areas of criminal law, in particular in cases of violations of the BtMG, juvenile criminal law, bodily injury offenses, property offenses such as fraud and theft, road traffic offenses and in prison law.

Travel law

We take care of your claims in case of defective package tours, refund of the travel price in case of cancellation due to corona or similar. Currently, thousands of already booked package tours have to be cancelled by the providers. Most tour operators almost without exception offer their customers vouchers instead of a refund of the money. They “forget” to mention that the customer has the right on his side if he does not want to accept a voucher.
In case of a flight delay, we assert your claims for compensation according to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. We have already acted in numerous cases and achieved compensation payments for our clients.

Neighbor law

You feel disturbed by your neighbor ?

Loud music and barbecue smells in summer, overhanging bushes and hedges, barking dogs, stray cats, etc.? The legal basis for regulations in neighbourhood law can be found at the federal or state level and even at the municipal level. In neighbor law, the principle of mutual consideration applies above all.

We help you to find an amicable solution with your neighbor, so that you get back your quality of life.

Real estate and home property law

We advise and represent landlords and tenants in the same way in all questions of tenancy law. If there are differences of opinion about the content of a rental agreement or about the type and scope of the allocation of ancillary costs, seek our advice. No matter whether you need advice on the conclusion and content of a contract or on the enforcement of claims in the context of a tenancy law suit. We will help you. If required, we will draw up rental agreements for you that are tailored to your personal needs and to your rental property. We also review draft leases and advise you, taking into account your personal wishes.
We will gladly take over the collection of outstanding rents and outstanding claims from operating cost accounts for you.

Our range of services mainly covers the following areas:

• Drafting and reviewing contracts
• Rent increase
• Recovery of arrears
•Statement of operating costs
• Cosmetic repairs
• Modernization measures
• Rent reduction
• Defects in the apartment
• Termination of the lease
• Eviction matters
• Compensation for damages after the end of the contract.

Labor law

Are you an employer or employee ?
We advise and represent you out of court and in court when it comes to the commencement, termination and settlement of employment relationships. Since we are active in all areas and for both sides, advising and drafting contracts both in and out of court, we are able to offer the most suitable and optimal mandate in each case, taking into account the strategy of the respective opponent(s).

Employment law for employees:
• Support in critical phases of the employment relationship
• Dismissal protection law
• Periods of notice
• Reference
• Probationary period/term limits/part-time work
• Severance offers and settlement agreements (review and drafting)
• Confidentiality obligations
• Warnings
• Working hours/overtime/overtime
• Remuneration/Christmas and vacation pay
• Non-competition clauses
• Drafting and review of employment contracts
• Employer insolvency
• Representation before labor courts

Labor law for employers:
• Drafting of employment contracts specifically tailored to the company’s needs
• Advice to personnel departments (e.g. dismissals, warnings and general personnel measures)
• Advice on special protection regulations (e.g. severe disability, equal treatment, parental leave and fixed-term contracts)
• Representation before labor courts.

Traffic and fines law

Have you been in a traffic accident and don’t know what to do?
In the emotional aftermath of an accident, it is easy to get caught up in contradictory statements or to make unnecessary admissions of guilt. We are happy to advise and represent you both out of court and in court, so that you can quickly put the accident behind you. We will assess the liability issues for you and analyze the insurance situation.
Remember that it is never in the interest of the other party’s insurance to pay you the full amount of your damages! Each insurance company regularly pursues its own economic objectives, which it can sometimes only achieve at your expense! In any case, your nerves and your wallet are often put to the test long after the accident.
We offer to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and, if necessary, to assert your rights in court. So that you can sleep soundly again.

Fines, driving bans, withdrawal of driving license

If you receive a fine or a driving ban, or if your driving license is withdrawn, ask for advice. Do not make any statements to the fine authorities or the police until you have sought legal advice.
person who receives a traffic ticket is usually fined for committing an offence. In some cases, however, the recipient of such a letter may not have to pay a fine. When does this happen?
An error on the part of the authorities is a frequent occurrence. For example, problems can arise during the measurement procedure, if the device was not calibrated in accordance with the regulations or was not used correctly. If you ask us to review the notice of violation, we will find these details.
It can also be useful to have us review an imposed fine if the issuing authority has not followed the regulatory procedure. Has the tolerance deduction not been granted? Is mandatory information, such as the indication of the right of appeal, required by Article 66 OWiG missing?We will check for you whether it is possible to lodge an objection to the ticket in order to avoid the fine. This must be done within two weeks of the notification.We will check for you whether it is possible to lodge an objection to the ticket in order to avoid the fine. This must be done within two weeks of the notification.We will check for you whether it is possible to lodge an objection to the ticket in order to avoid the fine. This must be done within two weeks of the notification.
We will check for you whether it is possible to lodge an objection to the ticket in order to avoid the fine. This must be done within two weeks of the notification.
Of course, you can also contest the fine without the help of a lawyer. However, we have the advantage that we not only know the rules and the procedure perfectly, but also that we can rely on our experience in similar cases. In this way, we can usually also better assess the possible reaction of the authority or the court and thus judge the prospects.

International and European law

Generaly speaking, “international law” is understood to be the law that governs relations among citizens and companies of different countries.

International law can also include the law of the European Union, which has become more extensive and important over the years. In fact, European Union regulations are directly applicable in individual states. Directives, on the other hand, require an implementing order from the individual state.

The world is growing ever closer together through globalization and European integration – employment relationships, business relations and private life are thus becoming more international and have many references to foreign legal systems. However, this also means that legal problems are more complex and can no longer be solved in just one state.

International law brings the world’s different legal systems into a common context. One of the greatest challenges in international law is to determine which legal and international framework applies in a dispute. Depending on whether German or, for example, French law is used, claims, obligations and legal consequences may differ.

We can inform you in good time about which legal requirements apply to you and help you avoid time-consuming and expensive legal disputes in advance.

We assist companies in all international legal relations, especially with France.