Attorney S. ARAN

International legal services
in Germnan and French law.

Sonja Aran - Recht

Attorney S. Aran

Legal Kanzlei is a fully digitalized, internationally oriented law firm

Due to my 16 years of experience as a German and French lawyer, I am able to work out the most promising strategy for your case and explain the process to you in understandable language, in German, French or English.

I was admitted to the Munich Bar in 2005 and additionally to the Nice Bar (France) in 2006. Until 2013, I worked for various German-French law firms in France. In September 2013, I established my own law firm in the French overseas territory of Guadeloupe. In June 2019, I returned to my home, the Lake Constance region, where I first worked as an attorney for 2 years in a law firm focused on insolvency law, before founding the law firm in Salem.

We offer creative solutions to real problems !!

Legal advice in German and French law

1997Graduation in Konstanz
1997-2005 Studied law at the University of Augsburg and specialized foreign language training in French
2005 Second state examination in law
until 2013 Lawyer in international law firms in France and overseas (German, French and international law)
until 2019 Own international law firm in Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe
until 2022 Attorney at law in a law firm in Friedrichshafen specializing in insolvency law
since May 2022 international legal firm Aran in Salem

How we work and charge

1. First contact

We offer you a special service: the possibility to have your request examined by a free initial evaluation by telephone. In a telephone conversation lasting about 15 minutes, you can get to know Mr. Aran and obtain an initial prognostic assessment of the suitability of a procedure with his help, of the possible chances and risks, and ask questions about the further course of the procedure.

This free initial assessment is normally carried out without waiting time, without obligation and free of charge.

The free initial assessment is always done by phone, but you can also send us an e-mail with your phone number and we will call you back.

2. First meeting

If you would like to have an initial legal consultation that highlights the next steps and implementation possibilities and also answers detailed questions after reviewing all relevant documents, you can have this consultation at a personal appointment, but also, if you wish, by phone, video chat or e-mail.

The fee for this initial consultation is a maximum of €190 net plus VAT, depending on the scope and subject matter.

3. Communication of costs

If you subsequently entrust us with a mandate to assert your rights extra-judicially, to negotiate with the opposing party or to initiate legal proceedings, the fees are regularly determined by the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG), which fixes the lawyer’s fees for all lawyers throughout Germany, unless we have concluded an individual fee agreement.

In the individual written fee agreement, we either agree on a flat fee or you receive a time statement of our attorney’s activity by the minute. The hourly rate is agreed with you in advance, depending on the nature, scope and difficulty of the mandate.

You will also receive a prognosis of how much time you are likely to need to spend on the case, so that the costs always remain within reasonable limits and are within your control.