Digital Office

Opensource, secure and private collaboration infrastructure.

Open Source

S. ARAN Law Office provides a complete collaboration infrastructure (file sharing, document collaboration, video conferencing) and uses only open source software.

A software (computer program) is first written by the programmer in a programming language that is human readable and is called the source code of the program. To be understood by a computer, this program is translated into a sequence of zeros and ones that is not readable by a human. This is called executable code or machine code.

Software with open source license guarantees access to the human readable program. In this way, it is very risky for a programmer to include illegal or unethical functions such as collecting and encrypting personal data in a program.

Since the code of open source can be reviewed, it is better for privacy than closed and proprietary software where the code is kept secret by the programming company.


Case Management

We use the case management software j-lawyer. J-lawyer is a German opensource software that allows rigorous and efficient management of each case. J-lawyer is directly connected to the beA as well as to our collaboration server.

J-lawyer is also hosted on our own IT infrastructure and only has access to the data on this server. Our IT infrastructure does not share your data with third parties.


As a client of our firm, you have access to a collaboration cloud based on the open source Nextcould suite. You get all your files and correspondence in one secure place. It’s a compelling and completely secure way for you and us to share documents and collaborate.

Our nexctcloud server is privately owned, hosted and maintained. Only you and our office have access to your data.

collaboration cloud


As part of the Nextcloud open source suite, you have access to fully encrypted video conferencing. Here also we do not use any external services. Only has acces to the videoconference data.

video conference

Digital signature

Each document is digitaly signed. A digital signature is more reliable than handwritten signatures as the digital signature authenticates the writer as well as the content of the document.

To get a better understanding on digital signature and how it provide the best document authentication:

digital signature


Digital signature authenticate the content of a file and its writer but does not garanties privacy of the file. Privacy is ensured by encrypting a file.

Upon request, all documents can be encrypted and password protected.

As well and upon request, Emails can also be encrypted.

digital Signature


This website is on our server in Germany. The datacenter where our server is, is compliant with GDPR and German laws.

As well, we own the virtual server on which is installed our collaboration website for our customer ( This server is also located in Germany in a data center complianbt with GDPR and German laws.

Because we own and maintain our collaboration server, we can ensure that no other companies has access to your and our data



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